Find A Gift For A Baby, Toddler, Tween and Teen!

Let's face it, kids love receiving presents. They'd be happy if we gave them one every single day! As much as we would like to we can't, for many reasons, so you have to find something that will thrill them for a long time. Here you will find specialty presents, unique and unusual items such as posh gifts, clothing, toys, fun gifts and so much more, from the best stores on the Web, for children who have everything and are hard to buy for.

Gift Ideas? Well if you are looking for babies and toddlers, learning gifts and activity toys are probably the best. For young boys sports toys, action figures, remote control (RC) toys will thrill them, or a creative or music gift. For young girls fun clothing, shoes, jewelry, arts and crafts presents will work. But don't just think of the gender, remember to think of the child because we all know that girls can like boy stuff and boys can like girl stuff. In general, toys or games, gifts for kids rooms, anything that is personalized (a book, clothing, jewelry), will be great for not only kids, but they will also love what you give them. You can find these and so much more right here!

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Personally Picked Gift Ideas For Kids

RC Treasure Hunting Buggy

The RC Treasure Hunting Buggy.

This is the remote control vehicle with a built in metal detector that turns a casual drive into a treasure hunting expedition. When the buggy’s built-in detector senses metal, its LED lights flash and an alert sounds so hunters know where to start digging. Its high traction tires and easy-to-use remote enable all-terrain exploration in a 30' range. Comes with two plastic digging tools and four practice doubloon replicas that can buried and re-discovered over and over.

The Maple Plank Ball Run Kit

The Maple Plank Ball Run Kit.

Winner of the Creative Child Magazine Educational Toy of the Year Award, this is the maple plank construction set children use to build their own swooping, swinging ball runs. The kit consists of 200 identical 4 1/2"- long pine planks that children stack—without glue or connectors—to create tracks, tunnels, ramps, and chutes that send the two included balls rolling and rollicking through the finish line. The 18-page instruction book has illustrations and guidance for building stable ball runs complete with banks and bridges while teaching young engineers about mass, inertia, force, balance, and leverage. Ages 7 and up.

The Spooky Skeleton Skeet Shoot

The Spooky Skeleton Skeet Shoot.

This is the game that challenges two players to blast randomly projected images of ghosts back to the spiritworld. Armed with disintegrators that detect non-corporeal entities from beyond, two players react to glowing ghostly images randomly projected onto walls by a 180\u00B0-rotating skull that sits on a tabletop in the center of a room. “Firing” with realistic sound, each blaster tallies successful hits on its own display, causing ghosts to wail or moan as they are banished from existence—the player with the higher number of ghosts blasted is the winner. Requires four AA and six AAA batteries. Ages 6 and up.

Mani Match Purse Set

Mani Match Purse Set

Polish Up a Chic Matching Look! Stylish kids paint their nails using an easy graffiti technique-then decorate their purse to match! Mani Match Purse Set includes 3 bottles of nail polish, top coat polish, empty bottle and refill nozzles, zip-top clutch purse with detachable strap and instructions. Ages 8+.

Mega MPH Double RC Stunt Arena Set

Mega MPH Double RC Stunt Arena Set

Double the RC Action, Double the RC Fun! Two crazy, incredible-jumping stunt cars zip around the track at scale speeds up to 600 mph?while performing one mind-blowing trick after another! Mega MPH Double Remote-Control Stunt Arena Set features exciting, non-stop action with insane wall rides, spinouts, upside-down racing and big air jumps as high as 90 scale feet! Includes modular, customizable 40'' x 35'' arena, 2 vehicles and 2 infrared trigger remotes with forward and reverse. Uses 8 AA batteries (sold separately). For 1 or 2 players. Ages 6+.

Henna Sparkle Spa Kit

Henna Sparkle Spa Kit

Body Art That Expresses Your Inner Style! Everything kids need to adorn themselves with beautifully intricate, shimmering henna tattoos that last for days-or till they wash them off with soap and water! Safe, easy-to-use Henna Sparkle Spa Kit includes Black, Brown and Red fine-point tattoo pens, Gold and Copper metallic shimmer writers, 10 stencil stickers and instructions. Ages 6+.

Glow in the Dark Robotic Pugilists

The Glow in the Dark Robotic Pugilists.

These are the pugnacious remote-controlled robots that glow in the dark while engaging in hand-to-hand combat. Available exclusively from Hammacher Schlemmer, the robots have helmets and gloves that emit a light green glow, allowing onlookers to see every jab, hook, and cross during tilts in the dark. Bouts are fought on the included boxing ring and each punch that connects is met with approval by the crowd as they roar through the integrated speakers. Striking the opponent in the head three times wins the fight for the more precise pugilist. The remote controls move the robots forward, backward, and execute 360\u00B0 spins, allowing you to effectively cut off the ring from your opponent. Includes two robots and two remotes controllers. Requires 10 AA batteries. Ages 3 and up.

8' Inflatable Elsa

The 8' Inflatable Elsa.

This is Elsa, the cryokinetically gifted princess from Frozen and the only 8'-tall version of her kind, offered exclusively by Hammacher Schlemmer. Elsa poses unaffected by the elements with her hands clasped in front, resplendent in a flowing blue gown expertly printed onto her 100% polyester exterior with convincing photorealism. A constant-inflation air pump imparts royal status to her form in just minutes while three LEDs illuminate Elsa from within, highlighting the snowflake pattern on her gossamer train that captures the ambient glow of a snow-covered yard. Six stakes and four tethers secure her to the ground during frigid tempests.

Instant Family Volleyball Set

The Instant Family Volleyball Set.

This is the family volleyball net that sets up in an instant and stores in the included case for ease of portability. Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, the net sets up without any tools and simply consists of a freestanding base that holds two telescoping net posts. The net slides over the posts and four bags can be filled with water and attach to the net via 10' lines to keep the net stable during family reunion tournaments or backyard sibling competitions. Half the width of a traditional net, the unit has a freestanding base sets up on a driveway, the beach, or grass to enable full-court matches full of spikes, digs, and stuffs. The base doubles as a travel case that holds all components in dedicated compartments and stores unobtrusively in a car trunk or garage. Includes a volleyball. Ages six and up.

100ft Glow Rider Zipline Kit

100ft Glow Rider Zipline Kit

Glowing Lights Add Zip to Ziplining! Super bright, multicolor LED lights add an exciting dimension to backyard ziplining, illuminating the ride from start to finish, day or night! 100'' Glow Rider Zipline Kit features a rotating ?flying saucer? seat that lets kids swoop through the air while staying close to the ground. Includes 100''-long galvanized steel cable, lighted steel trolley with nonslip grips, lighted seat, rope with 4 flashing lights and instructions. Supports up to 200 lbs. Easy set-up. Batteries included. Ages 8+.

Bicycle Bubble Machine

Bicycle Bubble Machine

Bubbling Over with Fun! Bicycle Bubble Machine creates a magical trail of bubbles as kids pedal away on their bikes! Attaches easily under the seat, with quick-release mount for use on or off the bike. Includes 4 oz. of bubble fluid. Uses 3 AA batteries (sold separately). Ages 3+.

Backyard Discovery Atlantis Wooden Swingset

Backyard Discovery Atlantis Wooden Swingset

The Atlantis wooden swing set is chock full of features but still fits in smaller yards. It has an awesome upper clubhouse with bay windows and a sun porch. Down below there's room for a sand box and a snack / activity shelf lets kids play and sip some refreshments at the same time. A standard ladder and solid rock wall allow climbing to be easy or challenging. The 8' speedy slide is safe and fast. There are two belt swings and a two-person glider so four can swing at once (sand sold separately). This kids' swing set will be fun for years to come!+Raised clubhouse with bay windows and sun porch +Lower fort with sand box area and snack / activity shelf +8' Super Safe Speedy Slide +Standard ladder +Solid rock wall ladder +Two belts swings and a two-person glider +Upper deck dimensions: 64" x 40" +Deck height: 4' +Sand required: 7 cu ft

The Glow Bike

The Glow Bike.

This is the single-speed bicycle with a frame coated in phosphorescent paint that glows in the dark. Requiring only an hour of exposure to the daytime sun, the coating covers the frame and both wheel rims, improving a rider’s visibility for other drivers, riders, or walkers at dusk for one full hour. The horizontally oriented handle bars provide a less-aggressive riding position than typical road bikes and are equipped with a single front brake lever for reliable stops. Sturdy tubular steel construction.

Small Kids Football Chair and Ottoman

Small Kids Football Chair and Ottoman

If your child has a love for sports, then this chair and ottoman will make a perfect addition to their bedroom or playroom! Imitating the look of a football, this small kids football chair will create a fun, exciting, and unique look that friends will admire. Pair with the football ottoman for a complete athletic appeal. Baseball, soccer ball, and baseball chairs and ottomans are also available.

The Glow In The Dark Zombie Blast

The Glow In The Dark Zombie Blast.

This is the undead companion that challenges the living to blast it back to the underworld, available only from Hammacher Schlemmer in a ghoulish green that glows in the dark. Armed with an infrared blaster, defenders of humanity have only 30 seconds to score nine shots between the zombie’s eyes as it lurches forward with a guttural groan that emanates from a speaker built into its chest. Three shots remove its left arm, stopping it momentarily and causing it to growl in anger until it recovers and continues to advance. Three more remove its right arm with similar effects until a final trio knocks it onto its back amid a cacophony of howling and thrashing until its preternatural life force is utterly spent. Requires six AAA batteries. Ages 8 and up.

Magical Teepee Tent

Magical Teepee Tent

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Tent! Imaginatively designed in global-inspired patterns and colors, Magical Teepee Tent enchants kids as it lights up from within, projecting a glowing galaxy of colorful, twinkling stars! Roomy enough for several friends, it features a mesh window, button flap closure and pull-cord LED chandelier with auto-off. Easy set-up and takedown. For indoor/outdoor play. Batteries included. 55" high. Parents, Choice Award. Ages 3 and up.

The Competition Class RC Dune Buggy

The Competition Class RC Dune Buggy.

This is the gas-powered, remote-controlled dune buggy that scales dirt dunes and whips around hairpin turns on competitive racing tracks. The 1/5-scale dune buggy is powered by a 23cc gas engine and has machined rack and pinion gears, propelling the vehicle up to 40 mph. The four-wheel drivetrain provides quick starts and optimal power for rapidly climbing steep dunes while the 22"-wide wheel base resists roll-overs when taking turns at high speeds. The oil-filled aluminum shocks maintain the dune buggy’s stability when it lands towering jumps, allowing it to quickly regain forward momentum and stay ahead of the pack. Four, 4 3/4"-diameter pneumatic wheels have deep treads that provide traction on loose sand and dirt surfaces while the aluminum chassis and injection-molded roll cage withstand the rigors of competitive racing on off-road tracks. When the 740cc gas tank is full the buggy provides up to 40 minutes of free-wheeling racing before requiring a pit stop. Includes a 2.4 GHz radio remote control and an AC charger for powering the buggy’s onboard electronics. Ages 14 and up.

The Pool Paddleball Playset

The Pool Paddleball Playset.

This is the four-person paddleball set with wearable, waterproof paddles for playing in the pool. Made from lightweight, durable foam, the four red paddles slip over any size hand like a glove. Because this intuitive handle-free design requires no mastery of a grip, novice players quickly become pros, facilitating hours of family fun batting the ball back and forth. Both the paddles and ball float, preventing any deep dives to retrieve equipment. The game also can be played on land without a net, table, or court. Set includes four paddles, four foam balls, and mesh carrying bag for easy toting to a waterpark, beach, or campsite.

Video Star Karaoke

Video Star Karaoke

''Look at Me? I''m on TV!'' Video Star Karaoke lets young performers watch themselves in real time on TV in their own music videos! Kids can even add cool animation effects and screen frames to their music videos! Comes loaded with popular songs, with lights that flash to the beat of the music, or kids can connect a music player and sing their own songs. Includes camera, mic, A/V cable for TV connection, volume and on/off controls and instructions. Ages 3+.

Marvel Avengers RC Flying Ironman

Marvel Avengers RC Flying Ironman

It''s Not a Bird or a Plane? It''s Iron Man! Looking amazingly like the real superhero in flight, Marvel Avengers(tm) Remote-Control Flying Iron Man thrills kids and onlookers as he dives and soars over 200 feet! High performance, yet easy for kids to control, this crashproof foam flyer features super fast twin engines and unique steering mechanism with super tight turning radius. Includes extreme long-range controller and spare set of propellers. 19'' long. Ages 8+.

RC Robot Battle Final Showdown

RC Robot Battle Final Showdown

You Punch, They Punch! Amazing, motion-controlled boxing bots mimic kids'' hand movements to KO their opponent with well-placed jabs and hooks, while spinning to avoid hits! First to score 4 hits wins the match?then kids can play again! Remote-Control Robot Battle Final Showdown includes 2 high-tech robots with built-in accelerometers and sensors, and 2 sets of motion-sensitive controllers. For 2 players. Ages 5+.

The Only Surfing Water Slide

The Only Surfing Water Slide.

This is the only backyard waterslide that provides a surfing experience as a rider slides down its 30' length on an included skimboard. Made from sturdy EVA, the 30"-long padded skimboard glides over the thin layer of water applied to the slide’s surface by integrated misting jets along the left side wall. Hooked to a garden hose, the slide includes a 4'-long padded launch pad that provides a forgiving platform whether beginning a seated or standing skimboard ride or a face-first body slide. An arched pool noodle with six built in spray nozzles at the run’s start provides a waterfall effect that ensures complete soaking before a ride ends in a rounded pool. Durable PVC construction that tolerates the bumps and bounces of exuberant play. Inflates in minutes using your preferred electric air pump (required). Ages 5-12, up to 110 lbs.

The Children's Electric Bike

The Children's Electric Bike.

This is the children’s electric bike with two maximum settings so parents can control the acceleration to fit a child’s age. A switch allows parents to set the maximum speed at 6 mph or 10 mph, providing the flexibility for the bike to grow with the child. The 25" wheelbase provided stability for helping riders balance and the bike frame is only 3 1/2" above the ground, allowing children to easily place feet on the ground when needed. The handlebar levers provide easy access to a gentle acceleration and confident braking while the pneumatic wheels and brushed 250-watt motor combine for exciting, fun rides around the neighborhood. The bike frame is made from rugged aluminum and durable molded plastic. The rechargeable battery allows the bike to travel up to 10 miles after a four-hour charge via the included AC adapter. Ages 8 to 14.

The Post Modern Skateboard

The Post Modern Skateboard.

These are the annular skates that are propelled by leaning side to side, allowing you to skateboard without having to push off the ground. Riders simply place their feet on the two platforms and lean side-to-side to rotate the rubber wheels around the feet, propelling riders forward in a serpentine motion similar to longboard skateboarding. Since the wheels are not connected, riders can easily perform 720\u00B0 spins and turn on a dime, while stopping is achieved by placing toes on the ground. The wheels are 10" in diameter, allowing them to traverse short grass and dirt surfaces. The included extendable rod can be connected to both wheels, providing stability to novices and hastening the learning period. Supports up to 200 lbs. Ages 8 and up.

The Hoopster's Free Throw Mug

The Hoopster's Free Throw Mug.

This is the fanciful mug with an integrated miniature basketball hoop that makes it acceptable for kids of all ages to play with their food. Created by an eight-year-old entrepreneur as an art class project, the oversized mug is shaped like half of a basketball with a hoop attached to the back of its handle. Players can face off in games of hot chocolate H.O.R.S.E. using marshmallows, slam dunk cereal into milk, or launch three pointers of oyster crackers into soup. Each kiln-fired ceramic mug is hand-painted and is dishwasher safe. Due to the nature of this product, each is unique and will vary. Imported. Ages 3 and up.

LEGO Star Wars 75020 Jabba's Sail Barge

LEGO Star Wars 75020 Jabba's Sail Barge

Help Princess Leia and R2-D2 escape from Jabba's Sail Barge! Princess Leia and R2-D2 are secretly plotting their escape from Jabba's Sail Barge prison. Help them to sneak past the guards, Weequay and Ree-Yees, while Jabba the Hutt gets distracted by musician Max Rebo! Find a way to slip through the opening side windows of the floating Sail Barge, then get past its hidden pirate cannon, deck cannon and 2 flick missiles! This essential LEGO Star Wars set features wheels, fold-down sides, removable deck, jail, kitchen and Jabba's throne. Includes Jabba the Hutt, R2-D2 and 4 minifigures with weapons: Princess Leia in slave outfit, Max Rebo, Weequay and Ree-Yees. Includes Jabba the Hutt, R2-D2 and 4 minifigures with weapons: Princess Leia in slave outfit, Max Rebo, Weequay and Ree-Yees. Features hidden pirate cannon, deck cannon with 2 flick missiles, opening side windows, wheels, fold-down sides and removable deck for easy access to the jail, kitchen and Jabba's cabin. Weapons include an axe and a blaster. Move Jabba's Sail Barge with rolling undercarriage wheels. Find the hidden pirate cannon Arm the deck cannons and fire the flick missiles! Remove the deck to play inside. Recreate this iconic scene from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi .

Interactive ''Laptop'' Planetarium

Interactive ''Laptop'' Planetarium

Introduce budding astronomers to our solar system with this laptop planetarium full of thousands of facts about the sun, the planets, and their moons.

Anki DRIVE Intelligent Car Racing Game Starter Kit

Includes everything you need to get started. 2 Anki DRIVE intelligent cars (1 Boson and 1 Kourai) 3.5 x 8.5 race track mat (intended for indoor use) 2 charging cases and fast charging cord Tire cleaner These cars don t just try to outrun you, they try to outsmart you. Just like a video game, Anki DRIVE cars become more powerful the more you play. Keep racing to earn more points and upgrade your car s weapons and capabilities. Up to 4 players can race at once. As long as you and three friends each have a supported iOS device, you can battle each other to the finish line and fight to become the most powerful car. Or use your Android devices.

The Parent's Voice Book Storyteller

The Parent's Voice Book Storyteller.

This is the storytime buddy that lets you prerecord any picture book so a child can hear it read in your voice. Ideal for loved ones who can’t be there at bedtime or story hour, the device clips to the cover of any illustrated hardback or paperback and records your voice as you read the book page by page; you can also insert personal messages or include your own sound effects or other special touches. The recorder recognizes each page visually, so if a child skips to the end or flips back to the beginning, the narration switches accordingly. The device stores up to 250 minutes of audio—about 50 books—and comes with a USB cable for backing up the recordings on a computer.

RC John Deere Tractor

The RC John Deere Tractor.

This is the remote-controlled John Deere tractor that can pop a wheelie, spin in a circle, and perform other tricks. Though based on Deere’s venerable “GP” model that has been omnipresent on farms since the 1920s, this model tractor behaves more like a monster truck, thanks to massive, air-filled tires and articulated steering that enables sharp turns. Guided by the three-channel 27-MHz transmitter, the tractor can stand on its rear wheels and spin 360\u00B0, and if it teeters off balance, a self-correcting mechanism rights the tractor so it keeps running like a Deere. Tractor is powered by a 9.6-volt rechargeable battery that provides up to 45 minutes of run time from a four-hour charge with the included AC adapter. Includes 9-volt battery for controller. Ages 6 and up.

The Talking And Dancing Disco Robot

The Talking And Dancing Disco Robot.

This is the beat-sensing robot that dances to anything from simple hand claps to music stored in his soundstage to tracks played on your stero. Simply push a button on the robot’s tummy and crank up your music—his hips and arms gyrate in time with the beat, his hands glow with varying intensity, and his face flushes with dance fever as he exclaims “rocking on the dance floor!” or other phrases. When placed on his head support the robot even breaks out breakdancing moves. Pair him with a partner, and they will chat, sing songs, or have a dance off. A free app lets you control the robot’s dance steps with your smartphone or tablet. The included stage stores 128 MB of music in its integrated MP3 player or plays music from a connected smartphone or tablet over its built-in stereo speakers.

The ABC Singing Animated Plush Puppy

The ABC Singing Animated Plush Puppy.

This is the animated plush puppy that sings and claps the alphabet and counts one through 10. Designed by Gund, the 100 year-old plush toy maker, the pupster requires only a squeeze of either rear paw—marked with “ABC” on the right and “123” on the left—to prompt him into song. He accompanies his rendition of the alphabet by clapping his front paws together, interjecting a winsome “woof” during the natural pause after “G” and encourages children, that they, too, can join with him as he counts from one to ten. Includes two AA batteries. Ages 10 months and up.

Secret Spy UFO

The Secret Spy UFO.

This is the remote control UFO with a spy camera for taking videos and photos mid-air in the course of a secret mission. With four helicopter rotors atop a UFO body, this maneuverable extraterrestrial craft can execute any manner of covert operation its pilot can imagine, including ascent and descent; left, right, forward and backward movement; hovering; flying sideways and even end-over-end, mid-air tumbling if the mission calls for it. A button on the remote engages the digital camera to take up to 8,000 pictures or seven minutes of 1024 x 768 resolution video, stored in its built-in 2 GB memory. All recorded imagery can be retrieved through the USB port (requires USB cable). UFO has a 150' range and charges in 60 minutes.

The RC Ferrari Arno XI

The RC Ferrari Arno XI.

This is the 1:10 scale remote-controlled hydroplane boat modeled after the Ferrari Arno XI that raced to a world 800kg-class speed record of 150.49 mph in 1953. Replicating the same distinctive plank-on-frame top-deck construction of the full-throated speed boats that became popular worldwide in the 1930s and 1940s, the boat also features the back-swept exhaust manifold and a period-authentic engine cowling. Its watercooled, brushless electric motor drives the polished beryllium/copper alloy propeller for speeds up to 20 mph—making it even faster than 1:10 scale speed. The boat can be controlled up to 500' away from its radio transmitter; a skag mounted to the right sponson provides precise turning assistance during racing. The on-board battery provides 20 minutes of operation from an 80-minute charge using the included AC adapter.

Go! Go! Smart Animals - Zoo Explorers Playset

Go! Go! Smart Animals - Zoo Explorers Playset

Welcome to the Go! Go! Smart Animals? Zoo Explorers Playset by VTech™. Go on a tour of the zoo with the SmartPoint? rhino and watch him respond to the zoo?s seven SmartPoint? locations with different phrases, music or fun sound effects. Strengthen motor skills with seven manipulative features including a turning gate, spinning water tank and sliding elevator. The colorful tracks can be reconfigured or connected to other Go! Go! Smart Animals? or Go! Go! Smart Wheels™ playsets (each sold separately) to encourage your child?s creativity. The zoo also features an electronic entrance that teaches animal names, animal traits, letters, colors and music. Playtime goes wild with learning with the Zoo Explorers Playset!

Light And Sounds Ride On Tank

The Light And Sounds Ride On Tank.

This is the ride-on tank that provides an immersive play combat experience with realistic controls, lights, and sounds. Powered by a 6-volt battery, its twin electric motors drive two wheels for a maximum speed of 1 1/2 mph, accompanied by the unmistakable sound of squeaking faux treads and engine noises. Twin lever handles steer the tank by pushing and pulling, just like the real thing, enabling agile “shoot and scoot” maneuvers and nimble 360\u00B0 spins. A button “fires” the cannon with a realistic “boom” accompanied by a flashing muzzle. A junior tanker sits comfortably on the flag-adorned plastic seat with footrests below, providing a commanding view of the battlefield. Controlled from the rear of the turret, twin headlights illuminate the tank’s path. Bins on either side of the turret store a soldier’s gear. Runs for up to one hour on a 8 1/2-hour charge from the AC charger. Supports tankers up to 66 lbs. Ages 3 to 6.

The Unstoppable Stunt Car

The Unstoppable Stunt Car.

This is the remote controlled car that zips through water, snow, and any terrain while performing 360\u00B0 stunts—even upside down. The car has four pneumatic, 4"-diam. tires that are taller than the car itself, enabling the car to climb the base of a wall, pop wheelies, drive down staircases, or jump off ramps. The radio frequency remote provides optimal control for rapid turns, starts, stops or flipping the car over. The included hand pump adds more air for traversing water and snow or removes air for cruising along grass and dirt. Rechargeable battery provides eight-minutes of operation from a four-hour charge using the included AC adapter; remote requires one 9-volt battery. Ages 8 and up.

The Doorway Jungle Gym

The Doorway Jungle Gym.

This is the swing and trapeze bar that installs in a doorway to create an indoor jungle gym at home. Securely mounted to the molding of doorframes 29” to 36” wide, the gym’s support bar is made from the same aluminum used in aircraft construction because of its light weight and strength. The interchangeable swing and trapeze attachments easily connect with sturdy steel hooks. Designed to withstand the pent-up energy of a child stuck inside on a rainy day, the canvas swing can attain ceiling-skimming heights, while the trapeze bar has two handles that facilitate upside-down maneuvers and other acrobatic tricks. The door can be opened and closed while the support bar is in place, but the swing and trapeze bar should be unhooked when not in use. For ages 3 to 10, up to 120 lbs.

Plush Buddy Bouncer

The Plush Buddy Bouncer.

With a plush cover shaped like a ladybug or racecar, this is the mini trampoline that provides indoor exercise and entertainment for kids. The smiling toy invites young trampolinists to burn off some energy by bouncing and jumping, while its practical design ensures safety. Its sturdy steel frame won’t rock or shake, the 30 springs are completely covered to prevent a foot from slipping through, and a padded handlebar helps airborne kids maintain their balance. The fuzzy racecar cover is decked out with wheels and stripes, while the ladybug version has the quintessential antennae and black dots on a red shell. Both big-eyed buddies detach to become cuddly pillows, while the rest of the fabric exterior can be removed for washing. For ages 4 to 10, up to 75 lbs.

The Award Winning Illuminated Learning Blocks

The Award Winning Illuminated Learning Blocks.

These are the blocks that light up to teach toddlers about shapes and colors and older kids about reading, writing, and arithmetic. The set consists of a pegboard and three dozen 1" blocks that emit a colorful glow or mesmerizing flash when plugged into the board or another block. One dozen displays shapes, numbers, and basic mathematical signs; another shows the letters of the alphabet; and the final 12 are emblazoned with simple words such as “red”, “dog”, and “big”. Toddlers can stack blocks into towers then graduate to counting and reciting their ABCs, while older children can compose sentences, practice their times tables, or even solve basic equations. The set can also be used to play 39 different games, including tic-tac-toe and checkers. The board doubles as a storage container. Ages 3 and up.

The Light And Horn Hockey Net

The Light And Horn Hockey Net.

This is the mini hockey net with a built-in goal light and horn that automatically activate with every top-shelf or five-hole snipe. The goal light is attached to the crossbar and its sensor activates the red light and fog-horn when a puck crosses the goal line, allowing young danglers to celebrate lighting the lamp with authentic NHL sounds. The included height-adjustable stick enables quick wristers from the slot or heavy clappers from the point. The goal’s one-piece frame folds flat for convenient storage and the high-impact plastic goal posts and polyester netting withstand a lifetime of one-timers. Includes two PVC balls and two nets. Requires three AAA batteries.

The Batter Controlled Pitching Machine

The Batter Controlled Pitching Machine.

This is the pitching machine that batters operate from the bat’s wireless transmitter to practice hitting a plastic ball. A press of the button on the 26" plastic bat’s handgrip signals the machine to throw a ball, giving young batters control over the timing of pitches. For young sluggers who prefer to swing their favorite bat, automatic mode throws a pitch every eight seconds. A red light on the machine also lights up to let hitters know a pitch is on its way. The machine pitches up to 25 feet, adjusts to throw at one of three gentle arcs, and can also toss pop-ups for fielding practice. Includes five plastic balls. Ages 5 and up.

Build Your Own Jumping Robot

The Build Your Own Jumping Robot.

This is the kit that teaches children about robotics and mechanics by building a robot that can jump. The colorful creature has clawlike hands and an otherworldly blue helmet, and most importantly a central spring and two snail-shaped cams inside each arm. When the robot is turned on, the cams rotate and compress the spring; when the spring releases, the ’bot bounces off the ground, delighting kids while illustrating the concepts of potential and kinetic energy. The engaging kit’s 98 pieces also form seven other motorized masterpieces, including a carousel and a kicking machine. The illustrated manual gives clear, step-by-step instructions and explains the scientific principles at work. Requires three AAA batteries. Ages 8 and up.

Long Range Laser Blaster Set

The Long Range Laser Blaster Set.

This is the laser tag set that allows two players to target each other from up to 100’ away. Each blaster sends pulses of harmless infrared light that are detected by the opposing player’s visor, which emits flashing LEDs to indicate nearby opponents and incoming fire from 360 degrees. Long-range mode allows players to engage each other up to the maximum range, requiring a manual “reload” between shots, while a push of a button converts the barrel’s bottom into a vertical forward grip and allows rapid fire mode (at reduced range) without the need to “reload”, ideal for quick fire from the hip during close-quarters assaults. Additional sets allow players to form teams.

Snap Together Circuits Light Show

The Snap Together Circuits Light Show.

This is the patented electronic circuit kit that lets young engineers quickly build engaging light displays. The kit's 60 parts can be easily assembled into 182 different projects, from a simple open-and-closed circuit to a shimmering, blinking light show using multicolored LEDs and a fiber optic tree. There's a sound-sensing module that flashes light in synch to the sound of a connected MP3 player or a child's voice. Each color-coded, numbered component snaps firmly to each other, making the illustrated instructions simple to follow and allowing for effortless experimentation. Includes DC motor and colorful "flying saucer" disk, jumper wires for more complex circuit designs, and audio cables to connect MP3 players. Ages 8 and up.

Easy Balance Steel Stilts

The Easy Balance Steel Stilts.

Winner of a National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, these easy balance stilts build children's confidence and motor skills at a much safer height and at a faster rate than traditional stilts. Built with 18-gauge steel poles with non-slip footrests only 11" from the ground, the stilts have cleverly curved armrests that secure beneath the arm all the way around the back of the shoulder for superior stability; the armrests extend from 4'6" to 6'6". The handholds provide a confident grip while lifting the hand and foot at the same time. The stilts' rubber feet will not mar interior floors, allowing them to be used outdoors on any stable surface. The stilts support up to 220 lbs. Ages 6 and up.

The Take With You Nightlight Orbs

The Take With You Nightlight Orbs.

This is the nightlight with three glowing orbs that can be lifted from their base to carry as a flashlight. Ideal for illuminating a hallway during a trip to the bathroom or conducting a late-night monster check under the bed, the nightlight’s phosphorescent orbs emit a warm, colored glow that slowly fades over the next 30 minutes after they are scooped from their base. Their smooth plastic exterior remains cool to the touch and will not shatter if dropped, and the three-armed pedestal can continue to emit a bright light or be turned off when the orbs are removed. Sliding a lever in the bottom fixes the glow on any desired color or sets the lights to cycle through the full rainbow. Plugs into AC.

The Puff The Rocking Dragon

The Puff The Rocking Dragon.

This Puff the Magic Dragon rocker commemorates the 50th anniversary of the 1963 Peter, Paul and Mary folk song about the immortal rascal who lived by the sea. Inviting little riders to reenact Jackie Paper’s travels on Puff’s gigantic tail, the rocker reproduces the dragon’s plush green body, friendly eyes, and “painted” wings. Ideal for toddlers, the polyester chair sits close to the ground on wooden rockers, and its cushioned bucket seat supports children just learning to sit up. Wooden handlebars are hidden behind Puff’s collar. Ages 6 months to 3 years.

The Personalized Train and Activity Table

The Personalized Train and Activity Table.

This is the sturdy wooden train set and play table that can be personalized with your little engineer’s name on its side. With over 130 pieces in all, the railway set includes everything needed for a budding train enthusiast to engage in imaginative play: dozens of curved and straight track pieces, multi-car trains, a roundhouse engine shed, switches and a T-junction, bridges, a magnetic-tipped crane, and a roundtable. Trees, workers, and traffic signs provide an additional dimension of interaction. The wooden activity table holds the complete train set and also is ideal for dollhouses, arts and crafts projects, blocks, puzzles, and more. Includes a double-sided play board and a drawer for convenient storage. For personalization, specify up to 20 characters. Assembly required. For ages 3 and up.

The Wooden Musical Marble Run

The Wooden Musical Marble Run.

This is the configurable wooden marble run that plays simple melodies when a marble strikes chimes positioned along its path. Sharpening children's visual acuity and spatial relationship skills while expanding their creative horizons, the run is made up of 118 wooden pieces that fit together into dozens of configurations. Six differently tuned, precisely machined steel chimes ranging from G to E can be integrated into any design to play a series of notes as a marble travels through the run. Placing the chimes at different intervals teaches rhythm as children create their own tunes. Towers, spacers, straight and curved rails, mini-ramps, deposit "pools", and a swirling, railed funnel allow children to form cascading marble waterfalls, multi-direction runs, and more from the included instruction book. Includes 70 glass marbles. Ages 3 and up.

The Lever Steering Pedal Go Kart

The Lever Steering Pedal Go Kart.

This is the lever-steered, pedal-powered go-kart that provides smooth rides and enables hairpin turns during neighborhood excursions. Children steer the go kart by pushing the right or left lever, ensuring simple control for carving rapid turns or avoiding obstacles. The dual 11"-diameter front tires and 8 1/2"-diameter single rear tire are made from solid, puncture-proof treaded rubber and roll smoothly across pavement or gravel as children blaze new trails. The durable yet lightweight aluminum frame, solid plastic handgrips, and molded ABS seat withstand years of sidewalk racing. The seat adjusts to accommodate riders 5 and up. Assembly required. Supports riders up to 110 lbs.

If They Love The Hunger Games They Will Love to Learn Archery Bear Titan Youth Bow Set

Bear Titan Youth Bow Set

Whether you're looking for a first bow for practice, honing your skills on targets, or out in the field, it'll go better with a Bear by your side.

The Carving Electric Three Wheel Scooter

The Carving Electric Three Wheel Scooter.

This is the electric tri-wheel scooter that carves smooth curves as riders shift their weight. Like a slalom skier leans into turns, riders simply shift their weight in the direction they wish to turn and the nimble scooter responds fluidly without losing speed while keeping all three wheels on the ground. After a push start and a twist of the handlebar throttle, the high-torque motor propels riders at up to 10 mph. The dual foot platforms have a textured no-slip surface and are cambered for enhanced balance and control. The 6" urethane wheels grip the pavement securely. Dual rear brakes, controlled with a hand lever, bring the scooter to a smooth, safe stop. Two rechargeable 12-volt batteries provide up to 40 minutes of continuous riding on a full charge with the included AC adapter. Supports up to 120 lbs. Ages 8 and up.

The RC DaVinci Ornithopter

The RC DaVinci Ornithopter.

Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's concept drawing from the late 15th century, this is the remote controlled ornithopter that flies like a real bird. With a life-sized bird's 3" L x 3/4" diam. body and weighing just over 1/4 oz. thanks to a carbon fiber frame, this miniature marvel sustains flight by flapping its liquid crystal polymer wings 17 times a second, not with propellers or rotors like ordinary toy aircraft. Digital proportional flight control enables nimble turns, climbs, and dives with the dual-stick 2.4 GHz radio remote from up to 300' away. Its rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides six minutes of flight after a 12-minute charge from the controller. Multiple frequencies allow a flock of birds to fly together without radio interference. For indoor or outdoor use. Controller requires six AA batteries. Ages 14 and up.

The RC Pac-Man Racer Chasers

The RC Pac-Man Racer Chasers.

This is the three-dimensional, remote-controlled re-creation of one of the most classic chase sequences in arcade history: Pac-Man versus Blinky the Ghost. Two players take command of these digital duelists using a nostalgic joystick remote. The infrared remotes have a 25-foot range and control simple forward, back, left, and right maneuvers. Whether chasing, racing, or evading each other across the floor, these two video game arch rivals can augment the experience with integral speakers that play familiar Pac-Man sound effects at the touch of a button on each remote. Unlike his arcade progenitor, this Blinky moves at the same speed as Pac-Man, a fair concession considering there are no power pellets available for Pac-Man's defense. Requires 10 AAA batteries. Ages 7 and up.

The Best Children's Tablet

The Best Children's Tablet.

This children's 7" tablet earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it was durable, easy to use, and equipped with kid-friendly content. With bumpers on the edges and back, the rugged tablet sustained no damage when dropped repeatedly by analysts from a height of 3', while inferior models cracked open. Unlike lesser models that were difficult to navigate and load with apps, The Best Children's Tablet comes with 16 games, 10 books, and 35 kids' apps, and its simple Wi-Fi interface made it easy to download more. The 8 GB Android tablet booted up 50% faster than other models, did not freeze or display error messages, and its long-lasting battery played almost four straight hours of video. The Best tablet has large, responsive buttons that are easy for little fingers to operate, and its intuitive parental controls include a lock for the touch screen and buttons. Also functions as a still/video camera.

More Unique Gift Ideas For Kids

Specialty Kids Gifts

Extraordinary Items For Kids

Designer Nursery Decor: PoshTotsYou will find unique furnishings, décor and gifts for babies and children. Their whimsical design work has turned the heads of People Magazine, House Beautiful, InStyle, Better Homes and Gardens and many national publications. You really must see to believe their incredible line.

Save 10% now at PoshTots! Code 10posh - Shop Now!

DYI Gift Giving

Easy to Assemble DIY Projects. Make it Now. If you love to make your gifts, or the child loves to create things, this is the perfect place.

They provide you with fun instructional videos and all the materials necessary to make you own unique DIY projects. You will find so many unique kits for jewelry, fashion, garden and plants and so much more.






Find great DIY projects at MakersKit - Shop Now!

Unique & Cute Gifts For Babies & Kids

Shop unique kids gifts at Hayneedle!They offer everything for baby and kids including furniture, gear, decor, toys and gifts. A wonderful selection of unique and cute items.

They ship to USA, Canada and Internationally.


Shop HayNeedle!

Toys & Gifts for Kids With Autism

Shop toys and gifts for kids with AutismThey offer over 1400 products that support ABA therapists, OTs, SLPs, classroom teachers, and support personnel. They also offer a wide variety of tools to help address common challenges.

Their toys for boys and girls with Autism includes toys for toddlers, preschool, grade school and teens. They offer fidget toys, sensory toys, games, gifts and so much more.

They ship worldwide.

Shop Now!

Educational & Fun Toys and Games

Look What's New at Young ExplorersThey offer a fabulous selection of fun, creative and educational toys and games for all ages. Their toys and games allow children to learn and explore their world through play. They feature nationally recognized Award Winning Toys, Science Kits & Games, Arts & Crafts, Music & Performance, Electronic Learning Aids, Imaginative Play Toys and Outdoor Activities.

100+ New Arrivals Shop Young Explorers!

Alpaca Clothing & Toys

Shop PurelyAlpaca Gifts for Kids!They offer a very large variety of alpaca goodies. Baby Alpaca sweaters, socks, gloves, hats, and more. Be sure to check out the Alpaca toys, they are so cute, and their teddy bears look so cuddly.

They ship to the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Shop Now!

Fabulous Tats

Shop Tribe Tats!TribeTats is the highest quality jewelry-inspired metallic tattoo brand, which is an emerging accessories category experiencing explosive worldwide growth. TribeTats are perfect for concerts, the beach, a night out on the town, or to layer with everyday jewelry.

Each TribeTats Collection includes four full sheets of designs: Bracelets, Armbands, "Anywhere" and Necklaces/Rings. It is the exclusive provider of perforated sheets for easy separation -- no scissors required. They offer luxury Metallic Rose Gold in addition to classic Gold, Silver and Black designs.

Tweens and teens will loves them.

Free US shipping and $10 worldwide shipping FREE US Shipping on Shop TribeTats!

New Parent Gifts

Shop giggle for great baby gifts!They offering great products for the person in your life who is about to be a parent as well as someone who is looking for baby items. The carry stylish and fun furniture, bedding, toys, clothes and so much more. You can also find great gifts for a baby shower. As well they carry organic baby products. Check them out!

They ship within the USA and some international countries.


Shop Giggle!

Personalized Children’s Books and More

Personalized Children's Books. Click here!They offer high quality gifts that have been featured nationally in People, In Touch and Parents magazines as unique gifts for newborns and young children.

Gifts as unique as each child - a very special gift to give that makes them feel special!

They ship to the USA, Canada and internationally.


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Kids Room & More

Shop The Land of Nod for kids room gifts!They specialize in children's furniture, bedding, playrooms, accessories. Shop for beds, bunks, bookcases, desks, play tables and chairs, cribs, dressers, wall décor (deep breath, please) kids’ bedding, rugs and soft seating. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Land of Nod now has Baby Gear including strollers, car seats, baby carriers, high chairs, baby seats and bouncers (another deep breath, please) bath and potty products and organic and eco-friendly products!

They ship within the USA.


Shop Land of Nod!

A Gift That Makes A Difference

Save as much as 75%! You will find books, DVDs, videos, clothing, toys and games that inspire their curiosity and creativity.


The Kid's Shop from National Geographic Shop Here!

Custom Fun Stuff

Shop fun and personalized gifts for kids at Cafe Press!You can find, or make them a unique gift. They offer tshirts, mugs, p.j.'s, drink ware, wall art, gadget cases, and so much more. Find one of a kind gifts kids will love!

They ship to the USA, Canada and internationally.

Canadian Customers Shop Here!

Special Offer! Save 20% sitewide at CafePress with code 20SUMMER - Valid to Aug 31st - Shop Cafe Press!

Learning Items

Teach Your Child To ReadThey offer over 50 products for kids ages 3 months through 10 years. Their products are fun, effective, and easy to use that help kids learn important skills like reading, math, science and language. A great gift to help increase a child's self esteem!

Order the 30-Day Risk-Free Trial for only $14.95, in time for summer. - Check It Out!


New Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read - Normally $239.95, only $159.95 - Shop Now!

Educational Products

Pick up an educational gift at a discount price!If you are looking for educational gifts this is the place. They offer over 5,000 products from over 25 different categories for young children. You can choose from thousands of arts and crafts materials, school supplies and educational toys. This is also a great resource for early childhood educators.

They ship withing the USA.

Shop Discount School Supply!

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Video Series

VeggieTales Official StoreYou can find all your favorite VeggieTales DVDs, CDs and Toys. They offer over 500 popular products also include Games, Toys, T-Shirts, Home Decor, Party Supplies and more.

They ship to the USA, Canada and internationally.



The Official VeggieTales Online Store - Shop Now!

Baby's Games And Lessons

Shop BabyFirstTV for great kids gifts!Find DVD videos of all their on-air content as well as children's toys, clothing, home decor and gifts. Their plush toys are so cute! They also offer party supplies.

They ship within the USA.

Get FREE SHIPPING on all DVD's and plush toys at BabyFirstTV - Shop Now!

Eco Baby Gifts

Shop Baby Earth for gifts for babies!They offer the perfect combination of tried-and-true favorites and hard-to-find innovative breakthroughs gifts. Baby Earth offers nursery gifts, clothing gifts, feeding gifts, bath gifts, learning gifts and so much more.They boast one of the largest selections of eco-friendly baby products in the market today. Free shipping.

They ship within the USA.

Everything for baby's world - Shop Now!

Reading & Learning

Teach Your Child to Read OnlineReading Eggs is a web based literacy learning program for  3 years old and up. It is built on the 5 essential elements of reading instruction: Phonemic awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension.

They use over 500 highly interactive games and fun animations to deliver these elements of reading.


Teach Your Child to Read Online with Phonics - Shop Reading Eggs!

Free Trial! The Online Reading Program That Kids Love - Valid to Oct 1st - Check it Out!

School Products

Adobe, Microsoft on sale at Academic Superstore for software gifts for kidsYou can find thousands of top hardware and full-version software titles at great discounts. They have partnered with the top technology manufacturers including Adobe, Microsoft, Sibelius, Sony Media Software, and Wacom, to bring excellent prices which are available only to students, schools, and teachers.

They deliver tens of thousands of unique products to thousands of customers nationwide.

Academic Superstore - Shop Now!

Student Hardware & Software

Shop Studica for software and hardware gifts for kids!They offer students, faculty, and staff of educational institutions heavy discounts on software products.They carry over over 100 brands and 3000+ software skus. Plus they have an extensive line of hardware products, such as Bluetooth® devices, MP3 Players, iPod Accessories, digital Cameras, digital Camcorders and more.

They ship within the USA.

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Electronic Learning Items

Shop VTech for award winning tech gifts for kids!They are the creator of the Electronic Learning Products (ELP) category and the award-winning InnoTab, MobiGo, and V.Reader handheld toys, is a world leader of age-appropriate learning products. Their high-quality, innovative educational products enrich children's development through fun and smart play. You will find learning toys, games from birth to eight years of age.

They ship within the USA.

SPECIAL OFFERS - Updated Weekly - Shop Here!


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Gifts For Canadian Kids

Free Shipping on Orders Over $25!They offer books, toys, electronics and so many more wonderful gifts.

They ship within Canada


Shop Indigo!

TV Show Items & More

Shop at the Discovery Channel Store for unique kids gifts! You will find the most informative, engaging, and entertaining products available. Just to name a few, gifts from their top show, dvds, toys and gagets and so much more.


Discovery Channel Store Sale Section - Shop Now!

Creating & Crafts

Shop Annie's for creative gifts!They offer supplies for crochet, knitting, quilting, sewing, card making & other crafts and more!


You can also give the gift of an online craft class. They have so many to offer and getting started at crafts at an early age is really important. It also gives the child a feeling of accomplishment and pride when they create something.






Special Offer! Free shipping with any $40 purchase - Enter code EASHIP at checkout - Shop Annie's!

Arts & Crafts

Blick Art MaterialsThey are the premier art supplies source for professional artists, students and teachers with more than 60,000 products in stock. You will find paints, brushes, easels, pencils, studio equipment and more. Plus they offer wonderful craft supplies. Everything an artist, or budding artist, would love.

Students, get the best service, selection and price! FREE SHIPPING on BLICK orders totaling $99 or more! (Some exclusions apply.)

They ship to the USA, Canada and internationally.

Shop Blick!

Personalized Gifts For Kids

Shop Personalized Gifts For Kids!Here you will find personalized kids clothes, toys, furniture, and lots of fun gifts.



Personalized Kids Gifts - Shop Here!

Soccer Gear & Accessories

Shop soccer gifts for kids!They are a one stop shop for the best soccer gear and accessories. They showcase selection of top-of-the-line soccer merchandise used by world-class players and teams and carry such topbrands as adidas, Asics, Brine, Diadora, Joma, Kelme, Kwik Goal, Lanzera, Lotto, Nike, Pirma, PUMA, Reusch, Uhlsport, Umbro, UnderArmour, Veloce, Voit, Warrior and many others. Shop soccer equipment and soccer apparel, including soccer shoes, replica soccer jerseys, soccer balls, team uniforms, goalkeeper gear, and more! Get the kids back on the field.

They ship to the USA, Canada, over 150 countries around the globe.

Special Offer! Enjoy $3.99 Flat Rate Shipping on orders of $99 or more! Use code: 1SHIPNOW - Shop Now!

Everything Hockey

Find a hockey gift at Total Hockey!They are their name, everything you every wanted related to hockey including skates, sticks, bags, apparel and more. You also find training aids, sports nutrition and many more accessories.

Pick up a pair of inline skates for the summer!

They ship within the USA.

FREE SHIPPING at Total Hockey on all purchases $75 or more - Shop Total Hockey!

Great Sports Items For Kids

Find great sports gifts for kids!They carrry kids clothing and accessories as well as snowboards, skis, skatboards, wakeboards and more.


ProboardShop - Shop Now!

Life Sized Wall Graphics

Go REAL Big - Fathead offer wall graphic gifts for kids!Kids love these! They love them all their walls and even ceilings.

BIG... Life Sized... they offer Fathead Wall Graphics, Fathead Tradeables, Fathead Juniors, Fathead Skins, SM/ART, Fathead Teammates, Fathead Custom, Fathead Street Grips, and NEW Fathead Custom Big Heads! With the biggest and best names in sports, entertainment and video games. Fathead is versatile.

You can even get a Fathead of a child!

They ship to the USA, Canada and to over ninety countries worldwide.

Shop Fathead!

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Band & Orchestra

Shop at Woodwind and Brasswind for instrument gifts for kids!Woodwind & Brasswind carries the largest selection of band and orchestral instruments and accessories like cleaning accessories You will also find digital recording packages, electric drums and more. They offer more than 50,000 products!

Personally I love their flutes - I learned to play when I was young :-)

They ship to the USA, Canada and many international countries.

Shop Now!


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A Musical Gift They Can Learn To Play

Music & ArtsThey specializes in instrument rentals, music lessons and band and orchestra instruments and print music. They also offer guitars, keyboards, drums and much more. Free Shipping on most orders over $49 (USA with restrictions)

They ship within the USA.


Shop Music & Arts!

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Unique Gifts

Fun & Geeky

Shop Think Geek for unique and unusual gifts for kids! From apparel to Star Trek, batman, bing bang theory, Dr Who (and everything in between and after), this is a one-stop shop for everything fun and geeky. This is a must see for all sorts of unique gifts.

They have so many cute and unusual gifts for kids you just have to check them out!

They ship internationally.



** Game of Thrones Goodies Shop Here!

** Doctor Who Goodies Shop Here!

** Hunger Game Goodies Shop Here!

Shop Think Geek!

Personalized Candy

Personalized MY M&M'S® Candies

Who doesn't know M&M’S® candy?! They offer personalized M&M’S® with words, colors, faces, logos and more to make a great gift for any occassion! They also offer special packs, bags, bottles, boxes and more.

A fun sweet gift for kids - put their name or picture on them!



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Temporary Tattoos

Shop tempoary tattoos as a fun gift for a child!They offer thousands of temporary tattoos that are completely safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. They feature a wide array of temporary tattoos including Marvel, Ed Hardy, Glitter and Henna. You can purchase instock tattoos or create your own custom tattoos as gifts for kids.

Shop Now!

Fun & Whimsical

Whimsical GiftsTheir collection include Whimsical Watches, Whimsical Bracelets, Whimsical Necklaces, Whimsical Ear Rings and Whimsical Dangles. Fun gifts that tweens and teens will love.



Shop Whimsical Gifts!

Virtual World

Shop the Disney Penguin Club! A fun virtual world gift!Disney Games produces an award-winning portfolio of online virtual worlds for kids and families based on Disney’s beloved characters and stories. Disney virtual worlds are a place where a kids’ adventure is unique depending on how they choose to live their online experience. Disney provides the tools and the environment, but the kids write the story. Safe online games for Kids by Disney. Give them the gift of being part of the magic.


Besides English they also offer:

Club Penguin Spanish

Club Penguin Portuguese

Club Penguin French

Get 12 months of Club Penguin membership for the price of 8 months - Shop Now!

Baby Gift Baskets

Shop baby gift baskets!They offer Unique Baby Gifts & Baby Gift Baskets for Newborns and Infants, Big Siblings & New Parents. They have award winning gifts, and designer gifts. Many Gifts for Bath & Bedtime, Large Selection of Designer Clothing, Diaper & Baby Bags, Outerwear, Play Time, and those to celebrate Baby’s First Birthday, specialty, eco-friendly, organic and natural gifts.


Shop Baby Baskets!

Clothing Gifts

Cool Clothing Styles for Canadian Kids

Shop Gap Canada!Check out the cool clothing for boys and girls. I love their jeans, hoodies, pants, they are all so cute!

Oh and do check out their oh so cute accessories!


Free shipping on all orders over $50

Shop kid styles for girls Here!

Shop kid styles for boys Here!

Unique Canadian Designed Clothing

Find great clothing  and more for kids at Hatley!A family owned business, Hatley is a Montreal-based company founded in 1987 and is best known for its quality PVC free rain gear and 100% cotton pyjamas. They offer self designed clothing for the whole family.

You will find dresses, bottoms, t-shirts, jackets, play sets, tenniswear, sleepwear, beachwear, footwear and more for girls.

You will find t-shirts, play sets, bottoms, boxers, tenniswear, sleepwear, beachwear, outerwear, footwear for boys.

Their baby section offers cute clothing such as rompers, one pieces, dresses, sleepwear, outwear and more.

You will also find really cute gifts, such as iphone cases, mugs, water bottles, toys and more. Their Canadian roots definitely show in their fun designs. Check them out!

They ship within Canada and to the US.

** International Customers Shop Here!


Free Shipping on $50+ orders - Canada - Shop Here!

Free Shipping on $50+ orders - USA - Shop Here!

Timeless Children's Apparel

Shop Childrens and Newborns at HartstringsTimeless children’s apparel for boys, girls and infants.

Hartstrings is traditionally inspired with a modern look of casual playwear and special occasion outfits. Many styles are specifically designed to coordinate among siblings of different ages and genders for special occasions. They are so cute!



Free Shipping over $50+

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Baby & Toddlers Shoes

Shop Robeez for cute baby shoes!

They are the leader in soft sole leather baby shoes. Their footwear features ankle hugging elastic so shoes stay on and are available in more than 60 adorable designs.

From crawling to cruising, walking to running, for indoors and out, Robeez makes a variety of shoe styles for newborns to toddlers for everyday wear and special occasions.


* USA Customers Shop Here!
* Canadian Customers Shop Here!

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Fun Shoes and More

Journeys - Shop the Brands You Crave!They offer a really cool selection of shoes, from runners to sandles to flats and more. You will also find great bags, backpacks, hats and fun clothing. Tons of fun stuff at reasonable prices.

They ship internationally.

Journeys Kidz offer Free UPS Ground Shipping on all orders $39.99 and up.  Orders below $39.99 ship at a flat rate of $4.95!  Domestic orders Only!





Shop Vans for Kids at Journeys Kidz Shop Now!

Shoes For Kids

Shop great apparel and shoe gifts for kids at Reebok!Everyone knows this name! Find quality apparel and footwear gifts for kids.

They ship internationally.


Shop Reebok.


Leather Gifts For Kids

Shop leather and suede gifts for kids at Overland!Comfy sheepskin boots, slippers, shoes and more for kids is what you will find here. You will love the styles.


Shop Overland!


CrazyForBargains Family Pajamas! and more!They offer a great selection of sleepwear for men, women, kids, and infants! You'll find pajamas, slippers, robes, shower wraps from an assortment of quality brands such as Hanes, Emerson Street, Frankie & Johnny.

They also have great inventory of special event p.j.'s and character items like Batman, Disney, Superman, Dora the Explorer, Transformers, and South Park just to name a few.


Check out their fun slppers that kids would love!




Shop kids pajamas!


Kids Wetsuits

Shop Kid's Wetsuits

Shop Kid's Wetsuits and receive Free Shipping! Kid's wetsuits are great for all kinds of water sports and activities. Playing or competing in cold water can make kids sick, but with wetsuits, kids stay warm and healthy. In addition to keeping children warm, our junior wetsuits provide SPF protection from the sun. We all know how dangerous those UV rays can be. Wetsuits allow children to enjoy their water activities without worrying about sunburns.

Shop Custom Wetsuits Made-to-Order Here!


Shop Now!

Toy Gifts

The Latest Toys

Trend Times has hundreds of toy gifts for kids!They carry the latest and greatest toys and hobbies. Over 10000 different toys. You will find toys like remote control helicopters that can be flown safely indoors and out. They also offer a wide range of rc cars, scooters, and other hobbies.

Toy Store - Shop Trend Times!

RC Toys & More

Shop AirosoftRC to find RC gifts for kids!They carry a huge selection of Airsoft Guns, Accessories, RC Helicopters, RC Cars, RC Tanks, RC Boats, even RC Flying Saucers, offering over 2,000+ products. Their electric water guns look like fun!

They ship to the USA, Canada and internationally.


Free USA Ground Shipping - Shop Now!

Kid's Toys & More For Canadian Shoppers

Shop Indigo for great gifts for Canadian shoppers looking for kids gifts!A wonderland of kid's gifts including kid's tech gifts, lego, top toys of the season, stuffed animals, bikes and so much more!

They ship within Canada.


Shop Now!

Brand Name Toys & Character Toys

Shop Kimmy Shop for brand name toys for kids!They are a premier destination for hard-to-find character merchandise featuring properties such as The Backyardigans, Caillou, Dora the Explorer, Disney Princess, Go Diego Go!, Toy Story, and many more. For kids themed rooms, decorate with wall borders, clocks, hampers, wall stickers, name plaques and more. Featured characters include Disney Cars, Disney Pixar Cars, Toy Story, Dora the Explorer and more.

Over the past month, they have added hundreds of new products to their line.  Some featured brands include Paw Patrol, Star Wars, My Little Pony, Legos and many more!


FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75

Shop Kimmy Shop!

Hot! Disney Frozen toys, bags, backpacks, and more - Shop Here!

Unique Kids Toys & Games

Shop Land Of Nod for toys for kids!You can find all sorts of toys like puppet set, puppet theater, cute stuffed creatures and animals, bears, bunnys, trucks, airplanes, building blocks, and so much more. They also offer games, puzzles and arts & crafts.

Find nique kids toys and kids games that are uniquely different and fun!

They ship within the USA.

Shop Now!

UK Toys & More

Shop ToysRUs UK for great toy gifts for kids in the UKKnown for their terrific and wide range line of toys they also carry a wide range of video games, gadgets, bikes and more. Whether you are looking for a gift for a newborn, a teen, every age in between and even those just young at heart you can find it here.

They deliver to the UK Mainland, Northern and Southern Ireland addresses. Free Delivery when you spend £29.99


Shop Toys R Us!

UK Toys

Shop Argos for toys for kids in the UK

UK - a wide selection of toys for kids plus great nursery gifts.


Shop Argos!


Argos Ireland - Shop Here!

Games And Puzzles

Find great games and puzzels for kids at Are You Game!They carry the most popular games & puzzles—the kind everyone likes to play. They also carry some of the most difficult to find games & puzzles—the kind only a chosen few like to play.

Check out the 3d crystal puzzles!

AreYouGame - Shop Now!

Remote Control Toys

Shop Hobby Tron for RC gifts and more for kids!They are the largest retailer for Remote Control Toys and Airsoft Guns. From RC Cars, Trucks, Planes and Helicopters to Airosft Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns and Accessories.

They also carry robots, electronic kits, science kits, magic tricks and more! Something for every age!

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Unique & Unusual Toys

Shop Hammacer for unique and unusual gifts for kids!These are a must see gallery of unique and unusual toys and games for kids of all ages! You must check them out.

They ship to the USA, Canada (many items are duty free) and internationally. Free Standard Shipping on U.S. orders over $99. Use code HSFREE at checkout!


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Toys and Games

Barnes & NobleYou will find all sorts of toys and games for kids plus arts and crafts, puzzles and so much more.

They ship to the USA, Canada and internationally.


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Save on Toys & Games

Shop FunToyMall!Electronics Games to Educational Products, Plush Toys to Pogo Sticks, Dolls, Sports and more.

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If you are having trouble finding a gift for your child who has everything drop me a note on live chat or if I am online you can ask me directly. You can also email me and I would happily help you find that perfect present!