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Personally Picked Unusual Gift Ideas

The Nightmare Before Christmas Clock

The Nightmare Before Christmas Clock.

This is the whimsical wall clock inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, complete with beloved characters Jack Skellington and the ghost-dog Zero. Capturing the distinctive animated style of the 1993 film, the handcrafted clock recreates Halloweentown and its residents in lovingly creepy detail, from the town’s iconic Spiral Hill silhouetted on the pendulum to the haunted pumpkin patch, which lights up at the flip of a switch. As in the film, action centers around a cobwebby town hall, which is topped by a ghoulish green clock with off-kilter digits and a spiderweb background. Precise quartz movement accurately counts down until Halloween, Christmas, and the other days of the year. Instead of chimes, the hour is marked with the spooky strains of the movie’s hit song, “This Is Halloween.”

Dolphin in the Setting Sun 4 Piece Cotton Bedding Set

Strong and Vigorous Dolphin in the Setting Sun 4 Piece Cotton Bedding Sets

Strong and Vigorous Dolphin in the Setting Sun 4 Piece Cotton Bedding Set

The Voice Modulating Chatterbox

The Voice Modulating Chatterbox.

This is the wooden voice recorder that changes the pitch of a voice to create cartoonish messages of varying hilarity. Resembling a whimsical goofy-faced mailbox, the box records messages up to 30 seconds long with a press of its right red eye. Dialing the boxes’s “mouth” adjusts the speed and pitch of the message, allowing you to leave ridiculous reminders in a high-pitched squeal (“take out the trash!”) or slow-motion love notes in a baritone drawl (“helllloooo... baybeeeee...”) Turning the red mailbox sign to the up position signals your intended that a message awaits—pressing the black right eye plays back the message. Includes a 1/8" output for connecting to speakers and includes two AAA batteries.

The 75 Years Of Marvel Comics Compendium

The 75 Years Of Marvel Comics Compendium.

As hefty as the Hulk and alluring as Elektra, this is the history that celebrates the past 75 years of Marvel comics. Highlighting the hallmarks that made the Marvel Universe an icon of popular culture, this 713-page, 2,000-image colossal tome begins with the Golden Age of the 1940s with one-of-a-kind original artwork and then upon the explosively creative “Marvel Age of Comics” of the 1960s in which hundreds of characters were created, ranging from the Fantastic Four to the Silver Surfer. Over 300 biographies tell the story of the artists, writers, editors, and fans who helped shape Marvel’s history. The often overlooked “Atlas era” of the 1950s—known for an emphasis on horror, sci-fi, and westerns when very few super hero comic books were written—is discussed as a forgotten era that seved as a seed bed for Stan Lee to reinvent the medium for all time. A 10-page, fold-out timeline places key Marvel milestones within the context of history with color illustrations and brief descriptions. Hardcover.

The Rubik's Cube Lamp Puzzle

The Rubik's Cube Lamp Puzzle.

This is the lighted amusement that honors the iconic cubic puzzle’s 40th anniversary by illuminating its six sides with the same colors that teased the brains of millions of would-be solvers. Triple the size of its famous predecessor but retaining its conundrum of color, clock-, and counter-clockwise turns, this modern version is updated with four bright white LEDs that backlight the colored cube faces up to two hours from a full charge—an interval of time that typically results in ignominious defeat or resounding victory. A center square houses its charging port, which accepts the included USB charging cable (requires USB power source).

The Hoopster's Free Throw Mug

The Hoopster's Free Throw Mug.

This is the fanciful mug with an integrated miniature basketball hoop that makes it acceptable for kids of all ages to play with their food. Created by an eight-year-old entrepreneur as an art class project, the oversized mug is shaped like half of a basketball with a hoop attached to the back of its handle. Players can face off in games of hot chocolate H.O.R.S.E. using marshmallows, slam dunk cereal into milk, or launch three pointers of oyster crackers into soup. Each kiln-fired ceramic mug is hand-painted and is dishwasher safe. Due to the nature of this product, each is unique and will vary.

The 24 Pocket Tech Jacket

The 24 Pocket Tech Jacket.

This is the jacket designed by SCOTTeVEST with enough pockets to hold two dozen different items, including your smartphone, iPad, and other gadgets. Ideal for travel, this jacket has pockets designed to hold a wallet, keys, passport, digital camera, pens, notepad, tablet PC, USB drive, glasses and even a water bottle. Hidden conduits in the lining secure earbud wires, keeping them tangle-free. There’s no need to remove wired devices when passing through airport security; the jacket can be sent through the X-ray scanner with all items securely stowed in their dedicated pockets. Three interior clear-touch pockets allow touchscreen devices to be seen and controlled discretely. The warm, three-season jacket has sleeves that are removable to convert to a vest. Made from a lightweight, machine-washable blend of 65% cotton and 35% nylon, with polyester lining.

The U.S.S. Enterprise Pizza Cutter

The U.S.S. Enterprise Pizza Cutter.

This is the pizza cutter that boldly slices like no other pizza cutter has sliced before. The U.S.S. Enterprise pizza cutter has a 4"-diameter blade inside the fuselage that cuts through wafer-thin Neapolitan pizzas or thick Chicago-style deep dish crusts, all while exploring strange new toppings and seeking unique cheeses. Cooks hold onto the ship’s brussard intake collectors that afford a firm, reliable grip. The laser-etched stainless steel blade and solid, zinc-alloy chromium-plated body ensure the pizza cutter will live long and prosper through years of use despite its highly illogical design.

The Selfie Toaster

The Selfie Toaster.

This is the appliance that indelibly brands its owner’s image onto a slice of bread. The toaster uses custom heating inserts crafted from a submitted headshot photograph. A subject‘s full facial details are converted into twin stainless steel inserts, allowing its heating elements to brown light or dark likenesses of the subject onto one side of toast, removing any question as to the ownership of the next two slices.

The Guitar Doorbell

The Guitar Doorbell.

This is the acoustic guitar that mounts over a doorway and plays a chord of one’s choice when a door is opened or closed. A fully playable 1/2-size acoustic six-string, the guitar mounts above a door with the included mounting hardware with the strings facing down. A plectrum fixed to a flexible spring mounts to an inward-swinging door, such that when the door is opened or closed, the plectrum sweeps across the strings to play a chord. The included pitch pipe and chord chart are keyed to enable tuning to a chord that fits the day’s mood or a portal’s intended use, whether a major that welcomes expected company, a pensive minor seventh that “guards” a teen’s bedroom, or a complex diminished when anticipating an in-law that often arrives unannounced via a back door. The guitar has a spruce laminate top, solid rosewood bridge and fingerboard, and sapele neck, allowing normal play when removed from the mounting board with the included re-usable fasteners.

The Celestial Watch

The Celestial Watch.

This is the watch that displays the time using a celestial depiction of the Earth, Moon, Sun, and a comet. Its design is reminiscent of late 17th-century English pocket watches that used a single crescent-shaped aperture to display the Sun and Moon and a 12-hour semi-dial. Bearing the same Roman-numeraled 12-hour dial, this watch replaces the original crescent window with a Sun and Moon that revolve around the entire face, casting the Earth in daylight or darkness to indicate AM and PM hours. A fiery comet moves around the dial to indicate the minute. Accurate Swiss quartz movement provides reliable timekeeping, the face is protected by a scratch-resistant mineral glass crystal, and the splash-resistant 316L stainless steel case protects its inner workings.

Chevy Red Automobile Wall Shelves

Chevy Red Automobile Wall Shelves

Check out this Great Chevy shelf, great for chevy merchandise and a perfect gift for the Chevy fan Measures: 20.5W x 8.2H x 6.6D inches

Rainboots Umbrella Stand by Seletti

Rainboots Umbrella Stand by Seletti

The perfect piece to have for a rainy day. The Seletti Rainboots Umbrella Stand faithfully reproduces the look of a pair rubber boots using fine white porcelain. Together, both boots create a single vessel ideal for stashing a couple of wet umbrellas or even as a large, whimsical vase.

The Engine Growling Mustang Clock

The Engine Growling Mustang Clock.

This is the wall clock that celebrates the Ford Mustang, America’s definitive muscle car since 1964. In place of numbers, the 13" clock face features 12 legendary models ranging from the inaugural “1964 1/2” convertible coupe to the modern Boss 305. The clock announces the top of the hour not with chimes but with authentic recordings of each model’s signature engine revving up, including the growl of the 1968 GT Fastback and the burly sounds of the 1976 Cobra II. Light sensors deactivate the sounds when the room is dark.

Computer Sanity System

The Computer Sanity System.

A touch of this button offers serenity for those suffering from a surfeit of work. The button plugs into a computer’s USB port and can be set for one of five responses when pressed: an animated explosion on one’s screen dismisses a never-ending stream of e-mails, a “working” spreadsheet obscures idleness to hoodwink a manager, a photograph of a detractor is walloped, your favorite website is launched, or “Take A Break” urges you to step away for a break. Works with Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Theatre Popcorn Cart

The Theatre Popcorn Cart.

This is the stand-up, wheeled popcorn cart reminiscent of the those found at early 20th-century silent movie houses and carnivals. Its stainless steel kettle pops up to eight cups of hot, fresh popcorn at a time using a built-in stirring system that ensures even popping without burnt kernels. Popped corn is deposited using the kettle’s handle into the bin below and is accessed via a door above the bin that keeps kernels from falling on the floor. Its open vendor-style construction enables a batch’s aroma to waft naturally through a home theater for creating the proper ambiance, or when used outdoors, attracts guests (or even curious neighbors) across a yard.

Totally Mad: 60 Years Of Humor, Satire, Stupidity And Stupidity

Totally Mad: 60 Years Of Humor, Satire, Stupidity And Stupidity

For the past six decades (that''s 60 years-we did the math so you don''t have to) MAD Magazine has keenly observed the American landscape and promptly made fun of everything in sight. Unwavering in their commitment to high quality stupidity, MAD''s legendary artists and writers, long known as The Usual Gang of Idiots, have brilliantly satirized politics, celebrities, sports, media, cultural trends, and more. Totally MAD (originally titled The New American Cookbook until cooler heads prevailed) is the ultimate collection of MAD''s most idiotic material, including such classics as Spy vs. Spy, The MAD Fold-in, A MAD Look At..., The Lighter Side of, Horrifying Clichs and The Shadow Knows, plus modern MAD classics including The MAD Strip Club and The Fundalini Pages. Whether you grew up with MAD in the 50s, 60s, or 70s, reading it with a flashlight under the covers so your parents wouldn''t catch you, or in the 80s, 90s and beyond, reading it while watching the MADtv sketch comedy show or the more recent animated series on the Cartoon Network, this book will bring back fond memories and also provide a great introduction to MAD for new readers. Then again, maybe not. SPECIAL BONUS!Includes The Soul of MAD, 12 classic cover prints, ten featuring Alfred E. Neuman, MAD''s gap-toothed grinning idiot mascot. These beautiful reproductions are suitable for framing or wrapping fish.

[BlackFridaySale]Eyelash Car Decorative Vehicle Headlight Sticker (Pair)

[BlackFridaySale]Eyelash Car Decorative Vehicle Headlight Sticker (Pair)

Weight (kg):0.004; Type:Car Decoration

Lightsaber Chopsticks

The Lightsaber Chopsticks.

These are the glowing chopsticks that resemble the most famous lightsabers of the Star Wars universe. Whether battling General Tso’s chicken with Luke Skywalker’s blue weapons or sampling a dark side of beef teriyaki with Darth Vader’s red sabers, these chopsticks can be used with the lights on or off.

The Brain Wave Animated Cat Ears

The Brain Wave Animated Cat Ears.

This is the brain wave reading headband with furry ears that move in response to your thoughts and moods like an actual feline’s. A research-grade forehead EEG sensor translates the electrical impulses given off by your brain into a corresponding motion in the motorized ears. When you are paying attention, the ears quickly perk up. When you are in a relaxed state, the ears slowly droop down. When something particularly piques your interest—perhaps the sight of a similarly outfitted person—the ears stand at attention and wiggle back and forth. The lightweight plastic headband fits most head sizes.

The Toe The Line Tablet Bot

The Toe The Line Tablet Bot.

This is the small precision line-sensing robot that travels on top of a tablet’s screen by reacting to different light intensities it detects. The robot’s sophisticated optical recognition system enables it to cruise over a tablet’s screen, paper, or gameboard via precision line-sensing. Detecting the difference between the dark line of a “wall” and the white space of a “corridor”, it navigates its way through mazes and labyrinths, follows your finger’s on-screen drawings, and competes with other tablet bots (not included) within specially designed free downloadable games. While its superior intelligence enables it to operate autonomously, you can create codes that program the bot to perform specific functions. Multicolor LEDs indicate when it is on-track or when it’s become lost. Its rechargeable battery provides up to 80 minutes of operation from a 30-minute charge using the included USB cable.

R2-D2 USB Car Charger

R2-D2 USB Car Charger

Compatible with anything that charges via USB (iPhones, smartphones, iPads, tablets, GPSes, etc.) as long as you have the cable Two (2) USB charging ports Each port provides 2.1 Amps (enough to charge 2 tablets simultaneously) R2-D2's dome rotates and lights up; he whistles and beeps (when power is connected and when your device begins to charge; force him to animate by pressing his center button which turns power to the ports on; sounds cannot be turned off) Flexible arms allow you to customize him to best fit your vehicle's cupholder Blue/red LED inside the front radar eye lens indicates USB port power status Dimensions: 5 1/2" tall, 3 1/2" wide at widest, 2" diameter at bottom (to fit cupholder), cable 36" long Includes: R2 unit with 2 USB ports, 12V vehicle power adapter (cigarette lighter) Shipping restrictions: We cannot ship this item outside of the U.S. and Canada

The More Than Just A Banana Piano

The More Than Just A Banana Piano.

This is the device that converts everyday objects into a keyboard and mouse. Designed by former MIT students and ideal for young inventors and adult tinkerers whose minds lean into possibility, the device replaces 11 computer keyboard keys and seven mouse actions using only a set of alligator clip cables and a microcontroller-powered circuit board. A squeeze of a banana can play a note on a computer's piano while tapping on a drawn picture of up, down, left, and right arrows can play most online games. Any object that conducts even a modicum of electricity works: ketchup, pencil graphite, finger paint, lemons, coins, plants, grandparents, play dough, and more.

Customizable LEGO Timepiece

The Customizable LEGO Timepiece.

This is the watch that incorporates the iconic universality of the LEGO system into its design using interchangeable bezels, straps, and multi-color links. The watch’s face pays homage to the classic building block with yellow and blue 2x2 brick facades that serve as subdials for displaying the day of the week and date. Red tick marks denote each hour and a yellow rim has an inscribed tachymeter for precise calculation of speed. The classic primary colors that have become synonymous with LEGO’s legacy are manifested in black, blue, and yellow bezel options and eight interchangeable red, yellow, blue, and green strap links. Accurate Miyota quartz movement provides reliable timekeeping, the face is protected by a scratch-resistant mineral glass crystal, and the 316L stainless steel case protects its inner workings while providing water resistance down to 300'. The 7/8"-wide plastic strap closes with a stainless steel butterfly clasp and fits wrists 5"-8 1/2" in circumference. Includes red silicone strap. Case

The Desktop Tornado

The Desktop Tornado.

This is the device that creates a swirling vortex of air on a desktop. A built-in atomizer turns water into a cloud of mist while a fan in the base creates the updraft. Six circulation manifolds generate convergence and rotation, creating a rapidly spinning vertical column of air—the hallmark of any tornado. Users can change the direction of the air circulating manifolds, adjust the speed of the updraft fan, or adjust the intake fan on top to change the funnel speed of the tornado. The instruction manual includes seven experiments and provides easy-to-follow directions for assembling the unit in 10 minutes. Plugs into AC. 18" H x 14 1/2" W x 12 1/2" D. (9 1/2 lbs.)

The Luminescent Star Wars Train

The Luminescent Star Wars Train.

This is the Star Wars train that glows with The Force as it rolls along the track in a galaxy far, far away. The train and both cars have an intergalactic luminescence reminiscent of lightsabers and Jawas' eyes. The cars are decorated with original art from legendary Star Wars artist Steve Anderson, displaying Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, the Millennium Falcon, and the Imperial Star Destroyer battling for the Dark and Light sides of The Force. The 16-piece HO track creates a 38" x 56" oval and the cars have solid metal chassis and steel alloy wheels—ideal for outmaneuvering the Imperial Fleet. 38" W x 56" L.

Magic Wand - Programmable TV Remote

Magic Wand - Programmable TV Remote

Our Wand may not make legions of kobold minions explode into flames, but it will learn up to 13 commands from your existing remote controls and map them to particular magical motions. Flick the wand from side to side to flip the channels, twist the wand to turn up the volume. A beam of light will shoot out the unicorn tail hair and magic will happen! The Wand can learn from any remotes in your house and once you master its 13 movements, you can mastermind a symphony of electronic enjoyment from the comfort of your couch. Then, and only then, are you an epic level controller.

The Mind Controlled UFO

The Mind Controlled UFO.

This is the orb that uses your focused brain waves to remotely control its flight. An included headband and earlobe clip measure theta wave activity produced by your brain (similar to EEG monitoring technology used by medical professionals). A downloaded app converts an iPhone or Android device into a remote control that pairs with the headband via Bluetooth. As you relax and concentrate, an included infrared transmitter connected to your smartphone's audio port sends a wireless signal to the UFO. The app provides a control panel that allows you to adjust the throttle, yaw, and pitch thresholds of the UFO's propellers, adjust the sensitivity of concentration, and filter background electromagnetic interference.

Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit

Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit

With the Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit, you'll be armed to gather the most credible evidence of paranormal activity a living person can obtain. The kit contains the most up-to-date instruments available, including an EVP listener to track Electronic Voice Phenomena; a digital thermometer to indicate temperature changes that often occur when entities are present; and a vital EMF meter to detect magnetic fields that might indicate ghostly energy in the vicinity. The Deluxe Ghost Hunting equipment kit fits into a convenient case that can be packed and unpacked quickly, so you and your team can hit several locations in one evening if need be. A Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit lets you enter the world of paranormal research, which is still a new science. There is no such thing as a ghost detector, and no one yet knows for sure what causes paranormal phenomena. A deluxe ghost hunting equipment kit is vital.

Retro Mobile-Device Handset

Retro Mobile-Device Handset

Sleek, comfortable, and stylishly hands-free, this throw-back Retro Mobile-Device Handset keeps your hands free to email, surf the net, and more as you chat. State-of-the-art technology ensures the clearest sound; a press of a button starts or ends a call. This brainchild of renowned French designer David Turpin is instantly compatible with all 3.5mm jack mobile phones and computers, including iPhone, BlackBerry, and iPad. With proper adaptor (not included) also compatible with VOIP computer telephone calls, including Skype and Google Talk. Luxurious soft touch plastic. iPhone not included.

The Acoustic Immersion Pod

The Acoustic Immersion Pod.

This is the pod that immerses a listener in an acoustically optimized chamber, providing an enveloping audio experience with its robust six-speaker surround sound system. Its interior is lined with open-cell acoustic foam--the same used in recording studios--that deflects, disperses, and absorbs sound waves, creating a personal sound environment that will not disturb those nearby. Providing a frequency response of 20 Hz-20 kHz for a full range of sound ideal for movies, sporting events, music, or games, the system is comprised of five 5 1/4" 40-watt mid- to high-range speakers built into the pod's ceiling (providing 80 watts peak output) and one 10" 250-watt subwoofer speaker under the seat. The system meets the 5.1 standard (the same used in commercial and home theater systems), and the subwoofer's 500-watt peak output makes the padded 17" wide seat resonate, placing a listener in the immediate vicinity of on-screen explosions, orchestral chords, or World Cup matches.

The Motion Activated Talking Yoda Sentry

The Motion Activated Talking Yoda Sentry.

This is the motion-detecting Yoda figurine that reacts to "disturbances in the force" with verbal and visual responses. Molded of high-impact plastic to match Yoda's likeness in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, this 9" tall Jedi master stands guard over a vacant desk. When a Sith Lord, wayward stormtrooper, or other interloper approaches, Yoda's lightsaber illuminates and he speaks one of six phrases in his peculiar speech pattern, such as "Still much to learn you have" or "A disturbance in the Force there is." A selectable switch lets you silence the little fellow or disarm the motion sensor.

The R2-D2 USB Cufflinks

The R2-D2 USB Cufflinks.

As clever as their namesake astromech droid, these are the men's cufflinks patterned after R2-D2 that contain 4 GB of USB storage. Just like the Star Wars sidekick concealed lifesaving gadgets within his compact frame, the top third of each cufflink slides out to reveal a 2 GB flash drive so data, pictures, and movies can easily be saved and carried. The cufflinks are made from silver-plated enamel, with white and blue detailing on the front to match the design on R2's body. Officially licensed by Lucasfilm, the cufflinks have sturdy whale back closures and are presented in a black gift box.

Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving

Discover the sensation of floating through air and learn the basics of body flight from an experienced instructor. Neither ride nor simulator, the vertical wind tunnel lets you truly experience what if feels like to fly. Multiple fans located at the top of the flight chamber produce wall-to-wall airflow that is smooth and fun to fly in.You will begin your day with a brief training session and safety orientation before gearing up in your flight suit, goggles, and helmet. Upon entering the wind tunnel, your personal flight instructor will teach you proper hand signals and how to adjust your body position to control your flight.Safe for all ages 3 and up, no experience necessary!

End Of The Earth

End Of The Earth

Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who want to experience one of the worlds most pristine wilderness settings, this challenging two-week adventure packages the regions essential highlights into one incredible journey: explore Torres del Paine, encounter the Perito Moreno Glacier and hike Glacier National Park. With years of local experience, we employ the region's best guides to reveal the extraordinary, bringing you to our exclusive campsites which provide stunning views of Patagonia. Prepare to be awed.

The Autographed Authentic Yankee Stadium Seat Barstool

The Autographed Authentic Yankee Stadium Seat Barstool.

This is the autographed barstool with an actual seat from Old Yankee Stadium, where Yankees fans cheered Reggie Jackson, Derek Jeter, and other iconic Bronx Bombers onto six World Series titles. Removed from the stadium before it was razed, the classic light blue chair has the original fold-down plastic seat, backrest, and seat number that was used in The House That Ruth Built, along with the 39 certified autographs and years played hand-signed on the seatback, including current Bronx Bombers Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and Mariano Rivera as well as Cooperstown inductees Reggie Jackson, Yogi Berra, and Whitey Ford. To ensure its authenticity, the chair has a Major League Baseball hologram and comes with a signed letter from the New York Yankees and Steiner Sports Memorabilia. The armrests have been repainted and the seat is mounted to a bar-height four-legged metal frame that swivels

The Classic Wooden Roller Coaster

The Classic Wooden Roller Coaster.

This is the 1:48 scale working roller coaster that pays homage to the classic wooden roller coasters from the 1920s. Designed by a roller coaster engineer, this model is handmade from 464 pieces of laser-cut birch, painted with red handrails and white support structure. With a train that plummets down four hills and careens around three turns all under the power of its own momentum, the coaster comes fully assembled and begins when a rotating spring draws the train and its occupants up the lift hill, where it dives and rises into its first turn. The initial hill provides enough potential energy for the train to continue smoothly around the track until it reaches the beginning where it can continue indefinitely. Illuminated by flashing LEDs that wrap around the handrails.

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RC Toys & More

Shop AirsoftRC for all your RC gifts!Everything RC! They carry a huge selection of Airsoft Guns, Accessories, RC Helicopters, RC Cars, RC Tanks, RC Boats, even RC Flying Saucers, offering over 2,000+ products. Their electric water guns look like fun!

They ship to the USA, Canada and internationally.


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Remote Control Toys

Shop Hobby Trony for great toys and moreThey are the largest retailer for Remote Control Toys and Airsoft Guns. From RC Cars, Trucks, Planes and Helicopters to Airosft Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns and Accessories. They also carry robots, electronic kits, science kits, magic tricks and more! Something for every age!

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Games And Puzzles

Shop Are You Game for game and puzzle giftsYou will find the most popular games & puzzles — the kind everyone likes to play. They also carry some of the most difficult to find games & puzzles, the kind only a chosen few like to play. So something for everyone.


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Specialty Gift Shops

Unique & Unusual Gifts

Shop Unique & Unusual Gifts!Their name means shopping with one of the most unique and innovative collections of products available anywhere in the world. This is "the place to go for things hard to find." Their items are unique and many very unusual but always the highest quality. You can find sports, electronics, fitness, and so much more! I love their products, and have personally bought several, so far, many more I am sure.

They ship to the USA and Canada.

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Unusual Artisan Gifts

Shop Novica for unique and unusual artisan giftsThe are the leading provider of worldwide fine art, home decor, and artisan crafted jewelry. You will find more than 30,000 unique, handmade works. These are all unique plus you get a picture and description of the artisian who created the item.

I have purchased several items myself and love them!

They ship to the USA, Canada and internationally.


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Unique Historical & Inspired Gifts

Shop the Smithsonian Store!They are the online store of the Smithsonian Institution. Each of the products they offer are inspired by the interesting, unique and historic items found in the vast collections of the Smithsonian museums. you will find jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decor, books, toys and more.

All purchases support the mission of the Smithsonian, and help fund the Smithsonian Institution's museums, educational programs and exhibitions.


They ship to the USA and Canada.

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A Gift That Makes A Difference

Save as much as 75%! You will find DVDs, magazines, maps and globes, clothing, jewelry, travel and outdoor gear, photography gear, home decor, toys, gifts for all ages!


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Inspired Artisan Gifts

Find unique gifts at Shoppe!This is a unique site in more ways than one. They showcase independent craft makers and their incredible gifts located in cities around the USA. To date they have 26 cities. These artisan goods range from handmade jewelry to craft furnishings and all sorts of wonderful things in between. They also offer special deals.

When you see something you like they show you that and other items the artisan has created. They also introduce you to the artisan and provide a brief bio and picture.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the site is lots of fun. These guys have a great sense of humour!

They ship within the USA. Free shipping on all orders over $100.

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Hollywood Gifts

Find all sorts of Hollywood gifts!Their products are the hottest Hollywood merchandise, which includes collectibles, memorabilia, party supplies and apparel. Their officially licensed products include celebrities, movies, sports, NASCAR, TV, Marvel, DC Comics and much more.


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WWE Goodies

Find WWE gifts here!You will find a wide selection of high-quality WWE merchandise that showcases their Superstars and TV shows, such as t-shirts, DVD's, toys, costumes, pet accessories and more.

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NBC Universal Store

Find great NBC gifts here!You will find DVDs, soundtracks, logo apparel, bobble heads, toasters, mugs, and more for some of the most popular cult shows including The Biggest Loser, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Scrubs, Pysch, Battlestar Galactica and many more.



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TV Show Gifts & More

Find unique and unsual gifts at Discovery Store! You will find the most informative, engaging, and entertaining products available. Just to name a few, gifts from their top show, dvds, toys and gagets and so much more.


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Life Sized Wall Graphics

Go REAL Big - Fathead really big graphic gifts!BIG... Life Sized... they offer Fathead Wall Graphics, Fathead Tradeables, Fathead Juniors, Fathead Skins, SM/ART, Fathead Teammates, Fathead Custom, Fathead Street Grips, and NEW Fathead Custom Big Heads! With the biggest and best names in sports, entertainment and video games. Fathead is versatile. New from Fathead…Furniture For Fans! The ultimate team-themed recliners featuring superior comfort and the highest quality construction.

Check out the fully themed Dreamseat and the more versatile XZipit line of Home Theater and Rocker Recliners. You can even get a Fathead of him!

They ship to the USA, Canada and to over ninety countries worldwide.

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Coca-Cola Gifts

Find a  wide selection of Coca-Cola® inspired gifts, apparel and furniture for the homeYou will find a wide selection of Coca-Cola inspired gifts, apparel and furniture for the home. Collections include serveware, drinkware, kitchen accessories, stationary, keychains and special Art on Demand. Free Ground Shipping EVERYDAY on US orders over $49!

They ship to the USA and Canada.

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Give A Tree As A Gift

Help Save Our Earth - Plant a Tree as a giftTreeGivers plants trees as part of the reforestation efforts in all 50 states, to honor special individuals... on special occasions... by planting a tree in their name. It includes: the tree planted in any state, they then send the recipient a 8" x 10" Certifiate of Planting along with a letter/hand written card to notify them of the planting as a keepsake.



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Unique Personalized Gifts

Shop Unique Personalized Gifts at Personal Creations!You will find thousands of one-of-a-kind gifts. There are so many great items I bet you'll get something for yourself! Find the perfect present for anniversaries, birthdays, births, retirement, or any special occasion.

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Clothing & Accessories Gifts

Fantasy Inspired Clothing & More

100+ New Arrivals at Pyramid Collection Shop their fantasy inspired and period themed dresses, tops, skirts, coats and shoes for the romantic and adventurous. You will also find beautiful rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings and bracelets to delight the admiring eye.

They are also the ultimate source for personal growth and exploration! Featuring Wicca & witchcraft, Gothic, fairies, Renaissance, Celtic and more.

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Rock Music Gifts

Shop amazing collection of licensed logo band merchandise at Rock!They have the most amazing collection of licensed logo band merchandise available online At you will find men’s and women’s t-shirts and hoodies, posters and fabric posters, infant and toddler apparel, hats and caps, backpacks and wallets, patches and magnets, stickers and buttons, wristbands and belts, jewelry and key chains, towels and blankets, guitar picks, and even shoelaces and neckties.

They ship worldwide.

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Fun Sleepwear

Shop fun sleepwear!You'll find a great selection of sleepwear to cover men, women, kids, and infants! You'll find pajamas, slippers, robes, shower wraps, and boxer shorts from an assortment of quality brands such as Hanes, Emerson Street, Frankie & Johnny. They also have great inventory of holiday and character items like Batman, Disney, Superman, Dora the Explorer, Transformers, and South Park just to name a few.






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Fabulous Tats

Shop Tribe Tats!TribeTats is the highest quality jewelry-inspired metallic tattoo brand, which is an emerging accessories category experiencing explosive worldwide growth. TribeTats are perfect for concerts, the beach, a night out on the town, or to layer with everyday jewelry.

Each TribeTats Collection includes four full sheets of designs: Bracelets, Armbands, "Anywhere" and Necklaces/Rings. It is the exclusive provider of perforated sheets for easy separation -- no scissors required. They offer luxury Metallic Rose Gold in addition to classic Gold, Silver and Black designs.

These are incredible and great for tweens and teens as well.

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Body Jewelry

Give the gift of body jewelry!If they have piercing you will find the jewelry gift for them. They offer jewelry such as navel jewelry, belly button rings, tongue jewelry, eyebrow rings and barbells, labrets, spikes, balls, ear jewelry, nose studs plus body jewelry of any type you must visit this site. As well, they offer bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, and more. Their jewelry is made from 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, .925 Sterling Silver, Solid 14k Gold and Solid Titanium.

They ship to USA, Canada and internationally

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Bling & Hip Hop Jewelry

Shop over 4000 unique Hiphop jewelry products including grillz, watches, dogtags, pendants, rings, bracelets, Jesus pendants, micro pave earrings and more!You'll find the newest and highest quality Hip Hop jewelry. You will find jewelry and iced out Pendants, disco ball bracelets, Chains hip hop grillz bracelets skull belt buckles hip hop bracelets and more hip hop jewelry. Over 4500 unique and unusual jewelry pieces.

They ship to the USA, Canada and internationally.


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Fun & Whimsical

Whimsical GiftsTheir collection include Whimsical Watches, Whimsical Bracelets, Whimsical Necklaces, Whimsical Ear Rings and Whimsical Dangles. Fun gifts!



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Temporary Tattoos

PrismFoil temporary tattoos!They feature a wide array of temporary tattoos including Marvel, Ed Hardy, Glitter and Henna. They offer packaged assortments of tattoos. The also offer custom tattoos - Turn any logo, mascot, character or design into a custom tattoo!

What fun!







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Fun Aprons For Everyone

Find a unique apron gift for her, of him!Their Women’s Aprons are perfect to help today's woman accomplish her daily activities while keeping her clothes clean. But more than that these aprons have style, and make her feel beautiful. They offer vintage apron designs, classic sexy aprons in pink or floral patterned feminine aprons. They also offer men's aprons and kids aprons.

Flirty Aprons just released their Summer 2015 collection of aprons and sultry and sexy are the best words to describe this newest line.

They ship to the USA, Canada and internationally.




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Unusual Candy Gifts

Retro Candy

Give the gift of cany that they had as a kidDo you remember retro candies like Wax Lips, Ice Cube Chocolates, Bonomo's Turkish Taffy, Candy Cigarettes, Candy Buttons on paper tape, Wax Syrup Bottles, Sky Bars, Zagnut, Necco Wafers, Teaberry Gum or Chick-o-Sticks?

Decade Boxes of candy make great gift ideas! They are available from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s or All Decades. They come in 4lb or 2lb sizes and are jammed with many Candy you ate as a kid® favorites, 60 different candies with some duplicates.

They ship to the USA.


Beer Nuts, the original peanuts with a sweet and salty taste are back at OldTimeCandy - Shop Here!

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Personalized Candy

Give the gift of personalized M&M's

You will find personalized M&M’S® with words, colors, faces, logos and more to make a great gift for your special someone for any occassion! They also offer special packs, bags, bottles, boxes and more.

They ship within the USA and Canada.



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If you are having trouble finding a gift for your somone who has everything drop me a note on live chat or if I am online you can ask me directly. You can also email me and I would happily help you find that perfect present!